Cancelling an appointment

To help us offer appointments as soon as possible to as many people as possible, please cancel any appointments you no longer require.

Telephone the surgery on 01253 202300 as soon as you know you no longer need your appointment in order for it to be cancelled.

You can also cancel appointments online (provided you have registered first) at:

We operate a ‘three strikes’ policy regarding missed appointments, which means that if you miss three appointments, without informing us in advance, you will be removed from the practice list. You will then be asked to register with a new practice.

We will send you ‘DNA – Did Not Attend’ letters after each missed appointment as advance warning. If you feel that you have been sent a DNA letter inappropriately or after you cancelled the appointment with adequate advance notice, please contact the reception manager so that the issue can be sorted out immediately.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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